Hike Details

Location: Vancouver, Canada
Hike Quality (1-5): 4
Hike Difficulty (1-5): 3
Round Trip Distance: 7.7 km
Max Elevation: 1200 m
Elevation Gain: 350 m

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Trailhead Directions

Start at Cypress Mountain Resort Ski area. You will see a large wooden map board showing trails in the Cypress Mountain area. You will see on this board the trail leading to Eagle Bluff and Black Mountain. You will need to walk toward the nearby chairlift and follow the trail leading into the trees on the left side and clear trail markers and signs from there.

Hike Directions

Follow the well marked trail to the summit, where you can choose to do an optional extra loop.

Camera Details

Camera: Canon 5D Mk IV

Trip Details

Date: March 4, 2017
Start Time: 3:30pm
Total Time: 3 hours
Participants: Patrick Latter, Paige Sorger

Black Mountain snowshoe trail has great views of the city and is close to Vancouver.